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Packaging at TARC Industries to complete a contractpackaging boxes in TARC Industries Production Facility

TARC Industries is extremely familiar with the industry standards for packaging and labeling. We commit ourselves to meeting your expectations and deadlines

We offer:

  •     Component assembly and packaging
  •     Bagging and sealing small parts
  •     Bar code labeling and packaging to meet USPS guidelines
  •     Re-stacking of pallets to meet USPS standards
  •     Quality packaging to ensure safe delivery
  •     Local delivery and pick-up available
  •     Dedicated workforce and staff
  •     We are able to shrink-wrap, label, paper-tape, and much more!



For more information, please contact

Betsy Gerhardt

TARC Industires Procurement Manager

785.266.2323 | bbrown@tarcinc.org